Who are we

We defend the common interests of its members and promote the overall development of civil society in the protection of nature and environment

We are association of 91 important environmental NGOs in the Czech Republic. 

Green Circle was founded in November 1989 and is one of the oldest umbrella and NGOs in the country.

Our activities

  • Monitoring of laws and processes that have an impact on the protection and quality of the environment or affect the ability of the public to participate in environmental decision-making.
  • Complete overview of the legislation for member organizations.
  • Creating common ground.
  • Coordination of legislative campaigns.
  • We actively support the interests of the public focused on maintaining environmental quality and a high level of civil rights in decision-making processes.
  • We see the issue of public participation in decisions on plans and projects with environmental impact.
  • We participate in the selection of non-governmental experts in interdisciplinary working groups and advisory boards and commissions of the government.
  • We analyze voting of MPs on key laws.